Service Programs

Beta Omega Social Services BOSS Narrative

BOSS is pleased to be able to say we’re already effectively mitigating our 3 core ove issues with our training programs which have impacted over 22 schools & 4500 students within the last 15 years. Thus, our primary objective in seeking additional funding is not the commencement of these programs but to expand the number of schools & students we can impact.


Child Help Speak Up & Be Safe Training Program

Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe is a Two lessons, 30-45min prevention curriculum delivered by trained and certified facilitators aimed at preventing, identifying &stopping and preventing physical, emotional, and sexual child abuse. The content and delivery of the Pre-K through 12th grade curricula are based on several areas of research including child development, learning styles, social psychology, and child abuse and neglect prevention.

It was designed to teach children age appropriate techniques to identify unsafe situations, how to identify and talk to safe adults,and five key safety rules children can follow to help adults keep them safe. It includes materials and resources for children, teachers, facilitators, parents,school administrators, and community members to help build a safety network to protect all children from abuse and neglect.


Relationship Smarts Plus 2.0 Training Program

Relationship Smarts PLUS is a 12-lesson evidence-based relationship skills curriculum for teenagers 13-18 years old. This program is based on the positive results of a five-year, federally funded evaluation conducted by Jennifer Kerpelman, PhD, at Auburn University. As a result of its effectiveness, Relationship Smarts PLUS is listed on the National Registry of Evidence- Based Programs and Practices (NREPP), a service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

This curriculum embodies an innovative approach that addresses positive youth development, life skills, healthy relationships, dating violence, and pregnancy prevention. These goals, typically addressed in separate programs, are integrated and embedded into one comprehensive healthy relationship skills program.It appeals to teenagers’ aspirations, rather than merely emphasizing what they must avoid. It empowers youth with skills needed to form and maintain healthy relationships, make wise sexual choices, and work toward their goals.


Brother-to-Brother Mentorship Program

The Brother-to-Brother is a college preparatory mentoring program that leverages facilitators currently in college to mentor elementary-high school boys in one-on-one and group mentoring sessions. Our facilitators are purposefully all black men currently in college in order to most effectively serve as positive role models, advocates, and culturally sensitive advisors to their charges. All mentorship relationships last at least a school year (often over multiple years) are both formal and informal and focus primarily on academicimprovement, social-emotional well-being, mental health and preventing risky behaviors (sexual or illegal activity).


Walk N Roll Program

Through the Community Transformation Grant, BOSS partnered with the DC Housing Authority & various elementary schools in Wards 5, 7 and 8 to implement solutions to challenges in physical inactivity & to provide safe routes to school via our Walk N Roll Program. This social service program was designed to increase safe routes to schools that required walking or biking in the absence of access to active transit resources.


BOSS FIT Nutrition & Physical Fitness Program

The BOSS FIT nurtition and physical fitness program’s primary objective is to leverage our collaborative partnership with the DC Housing Authority and licensed health professionals to implement a health and physical education program that partners with parents and students to mitigate childhood obesity within the Ward 5, 7 and 8 communities. Educating families on nutrition, physical activities as a family & advocacy initiatives to improve the awareness of general health principles. From our experience, we’ve found parents and children alike are more inclined to participate when they’re provided incentives. Therefore, BOSS provides parents with food gift cards (donations from vendors who sell healthy food options).