I-PhiT Walk and Roll Models





BOSS has the ability to offer a range of different group exercise options to program participants.  With this flexibility, we customize the type of event based on the need of a particular school or community center to maximize participation and relevancy.

Fitness Consultant(s) will coordinate and facilitate a variety of group activities that encourage students and parents to adopt healthier, active lifestyles.  The consultant will oversee a variety of group exercises/workshops that families can do in group settings or at home, including but not to limited to Spinning/Bicyling, Jump-roping, Yoga, Cardio and Yoga!


In coordination with DDOT Safe Routes to School Program, WABA & RIDE SAFE workshops are designed to include a variety of activities to engage, motivate and effectively instruct youth in skillful bicycling technique. These programs are catered to elementary through middle school students in the District of Columbia. 

Workshops include classroom-style presentation, pre and post-questions are administered to evaluate students’ learning, bicycle skills obstacle Courses – a.k.a. “Rodeos”, Street-Wize course, focusing on essential bicycling skills for safely sharing the road with automobiles, beginner bicyclist courses, bicycle safety education booths and the facilitation of community rides.


BOSS helps educate children, youth, and parents about how environmental issues  such as, access to fresh produce and healthy food options;  safe opportunities and spaces for physical activity; and how the cleanliness of communities where people live, work, and play can affect their physical health, mental health, and economy.  We use innovative strategies that reach people in direct and exciting ways; engaging community members at schools, community centers, special events, and places of employment to promote healthier lifestyles.

Family Nutritional Consultant(s) will facilitate group cooking demonstrations and classes that include, instructions on preparing healthy snacks, eating healthy on a limited budget, growing your own food and gardening, distributing other relevant nutritional information.  We also perform pre- and post-assessments that also demonstrate the effectiveness of the on-site workshops.